Welcome the Month of Adar!


“When Adar enters,” the Talmud declares, “we increase in joy.” For this is “the month that was transformed for them from sorrow to joy, from mourning to festivity” (Esther 9:22) by the great miracle and victory of Purim. Our sages advise that the month of Adar is an auspicious time for the Jewish people, so that if a Jew is faced with a challenging event (i.e., a court case, a medical procedure, etc.) he should endeavor to schedule it during Adar.


Blessing of a new daughter

I am so grateful to Hashem for the birth on 2/5/13 of my new daughter, Rachael Yitta bas Mordechai Leib. Baruch HaShem, Mom and baby are doing well. Please add her name along with her mother, Shoshanah Deenah bas Shmuel Leib to your prayers this Shabbos.

G-d willing, after Shabbos we will continue on with our Tanya lessons, with Chapter 2 discussing the other soul possessed by the Jewish people, namely, the G-dly soul.

Have a great Shabbos!